Our Sunday services occur at 9am weekly at the Legae Primary School Hall in Mogoditshane (as of 18th June 2017). See below for a map. You are most welcome to join us! We know coming to a new church can be intimidating. Here are a few things you might be wondering about. Feel free to ask any other questions by emailing hpgabs@gmail.com.

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STRUCTURE OF THE SERVICE: Our services begin with a time of worship through song, prayer and scripture. Typically, this is followed by announcements, an opportunity for giving, greeting each other, and children being excused to their various Sunday school classes. Finally, we hear a sermon. Following the service there is an opportunity to pray with someone if you would like. New visitors are invited to a special reception and everyone is encouraged to visit, have a drink, and meet others in the courtyard before leaving.

FIRST TIME VISITORS: During announcements, you will be asked to put up your hand so that the ushers can bring you an information packet about the church. Then, you will be invited to a special reception after the service with cake and drinks, during which you can meet some of the church leaders.

b 20150510-2015-05-11 194CHILDREN: We have made arrangements for babies, children, and youth, so that they can also learn and grow in their faith on a Sunday morning. We consider children incredibly important in the life of the church, and note Jesus’ example of prioritising them. The following programs are available for our young people:
Babies Room: We have a room set aside for parents of 0-1 year olds who may need to give their children special attention during the Sunday service. There is room for baby nursing and changing, and toys for play. There is a live feed from the service.
Toddlers Room: We have a special Sunday school class for 1-3 year olds. Parents with children under 2 are asked to stay with their child, but children over 2 are welcome to stay in the class with the teachers if they are comfortable.
His Kids: We have a Sunday School program for children 4-12 where they will have the opportunity to learn the Bible in age-relevant ways. Children come into the service with their parents, and then are released prior to the sermon to go to their classes. If you have questions, feel free to ask an usher and they will point you in the right direction.
Teens: We also have a Sunday meeting for our teens. Like those going to His Kids, they should come for the first part of the main service and will be released mid-way through for the youth program.

ATTIRE: You are welcome to wear whatever clothing you choose to our services. Every Sunday, our members dress in a range of styles from very casual to very smart, and you are most welcome to come as you feel comfortable.

PARKING: There is plenty of parking at Westwood. If the main lot is full, please pull to the right of the auditorium where there is additional parking at the rear of the building.

ANY OTHER QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS: Our ushering team is eager to serve. Please look for them at the main doors, with the information table (located near the main entrance), or just ask for help finding someone.

For information on how to get involved in our church beyond Sunday please visit our Get Involved page.